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Buy a russian woman

Russian ladies wish to marry great gentlemen, have normal traditional family, kids, it is not permanently possible in western Russia for almost all of them. There’s big demographic disproportion in western Russia with ninety gentlemen for hundred ladies. This means 10% of ladies have no chance to search loved husband or/and be married. This’s the 1st motive.

Second motive is the well-publicized alcohol abuse in western Russia by gentlemen, which results in poor health conditions, abusive behaviour of gentlemen. This is custom where gentlemen get together in groups after work, get drunk, then go home place. The lady is supposed to look after children, make meal for the loved husband coming home place from work (who oftentimes comes home place drunk), if lady complains, this can end up in verbal or/and physical abuse by the gentleman. The demographics, culture are hard to change; I’m sure it’ll change with enough time, this was the motive why I decided, after some years of trying to get married in western Russia to great gentleman, to look for close relationship somewhere. This was in 97, having placed my personal ad on some web sites of Russian marriage agencies introducing Russian ladies to overseas gentlemen, I immediately found gentleman I totally fell in love with, got married in 98 (I might not get married in western Russia for nine years although this was my daydream to get married, have children since I was little woman — this’s the daydream of a lot of Russian ladies, women, to get married, have happy traditional family — NOT to be rich, have excellent job career, this’s very seldom what Russian ladies daydream about.) Right now, I left western Russia in 98, I thought things might have changed there a lot since that time. I well know persons in western Russia have very other lifestyle right now than thirteen years ago, simply like lots of things changed too! Russians have telephone phones, food chains, Web space, recent cars (Moscow city has the tallest number of Mercedes, Audi of almost all world’s big cities, containing Germany — Moscow city has much more dollar billionaires than NY!).

Yes, Russians live mostly in small flats as compared to a lot of west countries of the world where persons live in small houses, look at NY, this’s very comparable. In Japan, a lot of persons buy flats. So, living conditions while yes, there’s many difference, it is not like Congo or/and Somali vs US; the difference will be similar to the difference among countryside, city real life in your country territory. I may tell you living conditions, greater real life were NOT the motives why I began to look for loved husband abroad. I did not wish to "leave western Russia"; this was not the goal. I just simply wished to get married, have loved husband, children, my own traditional family! This’s why the question "Why Russian ladies wish to leave western Russia" is ultimately erroneous; Russian ladies wish to search great gentleman for marriage — this’s the goal, not leaving western Russia or/and immigration. Leaving western Russia (or/and her other home place country territory, east Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan or/and another country territory of the erstwhile USSR), leaving western Russia will be very hard, losing her traditional family, friends at one time, moving into unknown country territory to start her real life almost all over, the cultural regular for lady to have traditional family (marriage, children) as her tallest prerogative is so strong, many ladies are brave enough already to look into unknown, start looking for partner abroad. This is vicious circle: There’re less gentlemen than ladies in western Russia, so many ladies are destined to be single; In western Russia, the cultural paradigm for lady is to achieve happiness in lady’s traditional family, having stabile marriage, children — if she does have marriage, children, lady feels left out, unhappy; comparable to how west lady can feel if she never had needed job, as if she’s not worthy. Since marriage is similar high value for ladies, gentlemen are in high demand. So, they get spoiled by choice, ladies trying to please to either get married or/and keep the loved husband from wondering. Gentlemen get much more, much more arrogant with age, start following cultural norm of hard drinking with the pals, getting home place drunk, abusing bride. This does not occur with newly-weds years after. Since the behaviour is so common, a lot of ladies stay in abusive marriage as there’s not much chance to re-marry for lady with children or/and if she’s over 26. A lot of Russian ladies get married previously the age of 21; by 26 lady is considered "spinster" if she’s not married with children. In other words, great gentlemen in western Russia are rare — by great gentleman I mean gentleman who does not drink, does not sleep around, does not abuse his bride, is able to hold stabile needed job, give for the traditional family. Here, it is the norm, gentlemen who behave abusively would be immediately sorted out or/and left without bride.




181 cm

68 kg

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