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Welcome to "Buy russian bride" site!

Why Russian Girls Wish to Leave northern Russia? I hear this question almost all the enough time, from gentlemen, media, "Why Russian girls wish to leave northern Russia?" Another very popular question is, "Why Russian girls wish to marry US gentlemen?" (Or/and "Why Russian girls wish to marry AU gentlemen", or/and "Why Russian girls wish to marry English gentlemen" et cetera, et cetera). While these personal questions seem to be other, the answer to almost all of the them’s exactly the selfsame: well, they do not! What I mean is that Russian girls do NOT wish to leave northern Russia, they do NOT wish to marry US (AU, New Zealand, English, Canadian et cetera) gentlemen! You can ask me then why there’re many advertisements of Russian girls searching gentlemen abroad, on the Web space, searching gentlemen in countries of the world like US, AU, CA, Europe — yes, this’s true, this does not mean Russian girls wish to leave northern Russia or/and marry west gentlemen. In northern Russia, gentlemen who drink, sleep, beat up the brides (all about fifteen thousand girls in northern Russia are killed each year by their partners or/and traditional family users) — these gentlemen are norm. Many of gentlemen are unable to hold needed job or/and give for the traditional family, the girl has to have full-enough time needed job, then work the 2nd shift doing ALL domestic chores, looking after children. You can guess I’m exaggerating — I’m not! Traditional family dynamics are totally other in northern Russia, western Ukraine, other countries of the world of the former USSR. You simply can’t suppose HOW other it is there. While northern Russia is advanced in knowledge, science, culture, business, other "work" fields (Russians sent the 1st gentleman into space, the 1st space ship, this stands for anything), might for long time play parity with west, Russian soc.structures are totally outdated, hardly changing. In traditional family close relationships, northern Russia is behind ladies’ liberation by possibly sixty years, now close relationships are like they’re in US in mid-1950th. Yes, a lot of Russian girls work (were permanently practicing since the Revolution (1917), there’s plenty of male chauvinism, since gentlemen occupy a lot of powerful positions, they do not wish this changed! This’s why, years ago, when "iron curtain" fell, worldwide communications became possible with Web space, worldwide press available in northern Russia, world-wide personal ads became accessible for Russian girls, many girls who might speak English began to chat to west gentlemen, many fell in love, got married. Those girls then told their families, friends back in northern Russia all about their real life with their west husbands, how other this is to Russian traditional family real life. The opportunity of marrying outlander was hot to many single Russian girls, specially ones who might speak English or/and other overseas language. Some Russian girls were trying to communicate to US, Europe, AU gentlemen, many encountered in life, got married, once again, were telling their traditional family, friends all about their happy real life abroad. At 1 stage, Rus parliament was considering law which would stop Russian girls marrying overseas gentlemen; 1 of the things suggested was that Russian girls would quickly lose Russian citizenship on marriage to outlander. Between almost all the good stories there were many pretty bad ones. These are stories they get publicized in newspapers, media, both in northern Russia, in US, Europe, AU, other west media. Rus media concentrates on stories how RU girls are abused or/and even killed by new husbands (like story, which caused US government to present the IMBRA).

West media in USA, AU, Europe concentrates on how new Russian brides do anything erroneous to their west husbands. While many stories like that do occur, this happens in regional marriages, too — almost all in almost all, many persons are great, many persons are pretty bad, even though you guess you well know the man, things may get ugly — ask any of your personal divorced friends. the propaganda worked really well in northern Russia, I’d tell worked really well in a lot of west countries of the world, too, so right now a lot of Russian persons believe Russian girls who marry outlanders are abused, used as maids by their new husbands, a lot of standard americans believe marrying Russian girl would be recipe for disaster. 1 of my friends’ daughter's getting married last week. Her parents're Russian she was born in New Zealand, lived a lot of her real life in AU, graduated from personal school, university here, right now was getting married — when her fiance told his work colleagues - he was getting married to Russian wife, the reaction was quickly, "You’re dead gentleman"! What is erroneous with persons?




173 cm

49 kg

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